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HEERTECH Industrial Services provides services in the areas of staffing and recruitment of qualified engineering professionals in the maritime engineering, installation, engineering and steel construction. Depending on your needs and the needs of the client on the term of temporary employment - for example a project - or fixed.

HEERTECH Industrial Services is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, each expert in his or her own engineering discipline, but is always looking for good colleagues.

In June 2010 the contract for building Pieter Schelte, the 382 m long, 117 m wide dynamically positioned platform installation / decommissioning and pipelay vessel, was awarded to the Korean shipyard Daewoo. Long-lead items, such as the power generation equipment, the thrusters and the DP system, were already ordered in 2007. The detail design of the hull was completed in May 2010. In 2008, the high-tensile steel for the jacket and topsides lift systems was ordered. The lift systems and the pipelay system are foreseen to be ordered in the autumn of 2010. Pieter Schelte will have a topsides lift capacity of 48000 t and a jacket lift capacity of 25000 t. The pipelay tension capacity will be 2000 t, doubling the capacity of Allseas’ Solitaire and thereby surpassing her as the world’s largest pipelay vessel. Delivery of the completed single-lift and pipelay vessel is foreseen for end 2013, ready for offshore operations early in 2014. For the Pieter Schelte project team we are currently looking for a Package Manager. The Package Manager reports directly to the Project Manager.

Job requirements:
  • MSc or BSc degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Technology or equivalent;
  • Minimum of 5 years experience within offshore engineering, shipbuilding or a similar position in a construction company;
  • Cost awareness;
  • Good command of the English language, both written and spoken;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Willing to travel and work abroad.
Job tasks:
  • Ensure that the assigned owner furnished equipment package(s) is (are) managed, designed, fabricated, installed, tested and transported to site and meet Allseas’ requirements;
  • Ensure project safety and quality performance;
  • Identify and timely communicate changes and deviations from the original bid with the Project Manager and recommend course of action for own package(s);
  • Monitor detail design and engineering for own package(s);
  • Review vendors’ and subcontractors’ qualification, verification, inspection and testing plans;
  • Discuss technical requirements and quality issues with vendors and subcontractors in accordance with contractual requirements;
  • Attend factory acceptance testing, inspection, construction and installation activities;
  • Check availability, status, completion and correctness of required goods, services and documents;
  • Expedite actual progress with vendors and subcontractors;
  • Prepare monthly progress reports for the Project Manager.
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The Project Engineering Department is responsible for a variety of disciplines in preparation for and support of pipeline installation projects including design, fabrication and installation. The Pipeline Design Engineer ensures that preparatory work such as design, analyses and associated documentation is completed in a timely and cost-effective manner in accordance with project requirements and within the capacities of the installation equipment. The Pipeline Design Engineer reports directly to the Manager Engineering.

Job requirements:
  • BSc or MSc degree in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or equivalent;
  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience as a Design or Installation Engineer, preferably working on complex subsea projects;
  • Additional experience in design of pipeline related facilities such as tee and valve assemblies is advantageous;
  • Knowledge of relevant pipeline and installation codes, standards and design methods;
  • Proven understanding of materials, insulation and corrosion issues;
  • Proficient in the use of specialist design software;
  • Willingness to travel.

Job tasks:

  • Perform pipeline design and engineering activities associated with subsea pipeline/structure construction and installation under supervision of the Senior/Lead Engineer or assigned Manager;
  • Manage subcontractor work in line with  related disciplines, and ensure work is executed according to project specific requirements;
  • Prepare budgets and schedules for all project design engineering work;
  • Prepare scope of work and ITT package for pipeline design related activities;
  • Perform detailed calculations and simulations using the appropriate computer software;
  • Act as a primary point of contact for all design matters related to the project;
  • Prepare relevant input for the engineering close out report;
  • Provide input and feedback to improve departmental standards, working methods and guidelines;
  • Coach, train and motivate Junior Pipeline Design Engineers;
  • Update in-house design tools, as required, to ensure compliance with latest version of applicable codes.
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Machinery and Equipment, Construction, Industry and Petrochemical.
• Welders, CO2 and Electric
• Gutsers
• Welders, picture level
• Iron Workers (General)
• Bank Workers
• Fitters (machinists)
• Grinders
• Pipefitters
• Flange Mechanics
• CNC Turners
• CNC Millers
Maintenance and engineering
• Mechanics, HW
• Bank Machine Workers
• Fault Mechanics, mechanical / electrical
• Fine Mechanics Mechanics
• Hydraulics Mechanics
• Pneumatic Mechanics

Construction Section, yacht construction and repair. Aluminum and Carbon steel
• Welders, CO2 and electric
• Gutsers
• Welders, picture level
• Iron Workers (General)
• Pipefitters
• Bank Workers
• fitters (machinists)
• Grinders
• Plate erectors
• Insulate managers


New construction and repair in the Netherlands and abroad

• Welders, CO2, electrical and TIG
• Gutsers
• Welders, picture level
• Iron Workers (General)
• Pipefitters
• Bank Workers
• Fitters (machinists)
• Grinders

HVAC Installation:
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Installation for domestic, commercial, shipbuilding, offshore and industry.
• CV-mechanics, HW / thin
• AC technicians
• Plumbing
• Pipefitters
• Pipe Fitters
• Pipe Welders, electric
• TIG welding, stainless steel / carbon
• Plate erectors
• Insulate managers

Heavy current and weak current installations.
Industry, shipbuilding, offshore, data, housing and utility.
• Electro-Mechanics VEV
• Electro-Mechanics offshore
• Electro-Mechanics utility / housing
• Electro Mechanics Industry
• Weak Power Mechanics
• Electronics Technicians
• Data, telecom and security engineers
• Measurement and control

Industry, petrochemical, utility and offshore
• Construction Bank Workers
• Welders, CO2 and electric
• Plate Workers
• Structural Mechanics
• Cladding mechanics
• Formulators
• Assembly Technicians
• Metalworkers (general)
• Turners, borers and millers

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